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Active lifestyles need active strollers.  The Dyno provides positioning for postural support while allowing controlled dynamic movement of the child. The DYNO 3 wheel frame is built for all types of terrain. With our built-in suspension, jogging and traveling are made easy. The Dyno folds in one easy step, making life easier for families on the go.

Need aggressive seating and tilt in space without the wheelchair look?  The TRAK might be what you’re looking for.  45 degrees of tilt in space, 90-120 degrees of hip angle give this adaptive stroller everything your tilt in space wheelchair offers, with a foldable stroller base.

Kids grow and positioning needs change. With 10,20, or 30 degrees of fixed tilt plus recline, the REACH can keep up with those changes.  5” of depth adjustment and 4” of width allow the REACH to grow with your little one.  The REACH comes in 3 sizes and up to 150 lb weight capacity

Lightweight.  Cast aluminum frame with no welds.  Rigid or side fold.  From the first concept to the final system, every aspect of the Leggero Enzo was designed to maximize both aesthetics and performance. The Enzo’s cast aluminum frame and precise machining provide unparalleled rigidity in both folding and rigid configurations.

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Responsive seating system | 3 wheels for the active lifestyle | One step folding frame
45 degrees tilt | 90-120 recline | Folds compactly
Up to 30 degrees fixed tilt | 85-115 degrees recline | Easy compact fold
Composite aluminum frame | Adjustable axle plate | Growable seat rails

Why Leggero?

Beautifully Designed

We're very focused on proper seating and positioning, and ease of use is paramount.

Why Leggero?

Quality Commitment

We have a high commitment to the end user and to ensuring that everything that goes out our doors is top quality.

Why Leggero?


As we grow, we’ve always re-invested in the latest and best technologies for production. We constantly look for ways to improve, re-imagine, and refine our products.

Why Leggero?


There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to children. At Leggero, we will dial the seating into to the correct size and with our growable seat pans and positioning products, the seating will grow with your child.

Why Leggero?

Team Work

From the time we begin building your child’s mobility equipment until the time it arrives, Leggero stays in communication with the ATP, PT and your local rep to ensure a quality product in an adequate amount of time. We work with 100’s of dealers across the country so there is always someone around to help.

Why Leggero?

Customer Support

What our customers have come to expect from Leggero is great customer service tailored to individual needs. Contact us if you have any questions!

Our goal at Leggero is to create products that make life easier.  Easier for families across the world and easier for your child.  We want to be the place our customers come back and know their needs will be met with a great family of products and exceptional customer service.”
Gabriela Cedillo
General Manager


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