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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Leggero is to provide mobility solutions for children worldwide. The Leggero Family of products serves children of all ages with a broad range of disabilities. Each product provides the comfort and therapeutic support children need to function to the best of their abilities.

  • Stylish & Lightweight
  • Products For All Ages
  • Convenient System
  • Freedom and Ease
Commitment to


The vision of Leggero is to create products that make a difference. Our high-quality seating and mobility products help create solutions for physically challenged families and individuals.

We're committed to the end user by ensuring that everything we design and produce is of the highest quality possible.

We’re focused on combining proper seating and positioning with ease of use.  We do everything for our clients. We desire to know our clients and their specific needs to provide them with a product that helps them conquer their challenges daily.

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Customer Service

We push ourselves every day to ensure our customers are taken care of and receive their products quickly, efficiently, and without error.

Since the beginning, we’ve been in the business of creating, cultivating, and maintaining strong relationships that last.

From the Product Design Team to the individuals loading boxes for delivery, our entire process is tailored around providing the best experience possible for our clients. This all starts with our customer service representatives.

Commitment to


Our mission from day one, is to help change lives for the better. That starts with product design and development, our design team works diligently to understand the daily challenges our clients and their families may face.

We design products that are lightweight, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe.

The biggest key to innovation is understanding that every product we produce is never perfect, our mission stays the same, change lives for the better by constantly making improvements to our product lineup.